I help beer lovers drink less.

Lots of people like beer. But some of us go farther.

We brew it, trade it, collect it, drink it. We build basement bars and kegerators and own polished stainless steel brew pots. We join clubs and forums and plan vacations around it.

But there comes a point we question our dedication to the cause.

Is this really just a hobby?  Aren’t hobbies supposed to be good for you?

But what about the double chin, beery nights, foggy mornings, and lost Sundays that seem to go along with this hobby?

That was exactly my situation, and I realized I needed a change.  I wanted to feel better, look better, and to stop numbing myself.

So I cut way back, and everything is better as a result.   I have more drive and ambition, even as I'm able to be content with where I am.  

I have a completely different experience of stress than I used to have.   My relationships are worlds better, especially with my adult daughter and my partner.     

And I still get to enjoy a nice beer or cocktail when I want, but without the compulsion that used to be there. 

If you’re worried about your drinking, now is the perfect time to do something about it. And you don't have to quit.

You don't have to label yourself, rely on willpower, or admit to powerlessness.    

I will teach you how to  get rid of the desire that leads you to drink against your will.  

If you want to experience full emotional freedom fast, go to Gregory. His coaching style is direct, yields fast results, and is supportive and compassionate too. In just one session I felt a deeper level of happiness and ease that I had not experienced in some time.  Thank you Gregory.


Greg puts the power of changing your perspectives, reactions, and behaviors squarely in your own hands.  I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from what Greg has to offer.