You love good beer.

And ... you want to drink less of it.

You need to drink less of it. 

But man, it would suck to have to give it up altogether.

Hi, I'm Greg.

I help people like you to quit or cut back. Without relying on willpower. Without feeling you’re missing out. Without caring what other people will think.

It’s not just about the drinking. You’re living a good life – decent job, decent marriage, nice house and car. It’s all very normal and regular. Your health is okay, although you could stand to lose some weight and it’s been a long time since you did much exercise.

You want to believe there could be more to life than good, decent, nice, and okay.

There is more. In the process of changing your relationship with alcohol, I’ll help you build the self-confidence and emotional intelligence that will enable you to create better lifestyle habits, improve your relationships, and maybe even let you figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

I've been where you are.

I was a middle-aged guy who loved his homebrew.   I drank at least three potent ales every weekday and more on the weekends. To be alive after 6:00 PM meant having a buzz. One hangover a week was pretty normal. Every day started off on the wrong foot.

And then my marriage ended. That woke me up to the mediocrity I was living, and I used discipline and exercise to cut way back on my drinking.

That was good, but relying on willpower was tiring.

Things really changed when I studied to become a life coach.

My training included an entire section on stopping overdrinking. When I applied those techniques to myself, alcohol completely lost its grip on me.

Moderation became completely natural and easy. I truly have a take-it-or-leave it attitude towards drinking that makes it fun to enjoy one or two when it makes sense, and to leave it at that.

I was a mechanical engineer and I think like an engineer.  But through my coach training I’ve come to understand how much more effective we are when we connect that intellectual approach with our emotional life.

I bring this perfect combination to my work with my clients. I help you understand why it’s so hard to cut back, and then help you reprogram your brain so that you eliminate the excess desire that fuels your drinking.

Why me?

I grew up in rural Virginia and spent 20 years in the corporate world as an engineer and in IT.

I quit all that to become a carpenter and to run my own construction business.

Now I’m remarried and I’m a life coach for people who want to drink less. My wife’s career took us overseas and I live in Mozambique Africa.

This new lifestyle (the expat community refers to people like me as a ‘trailing spouse’ ) creates a unique set of challenges around career development, relationship equality, and the very real stress of moving thousands of miles every few years to live in a new foreign land.  It's been the perfect opportunity to continue my ongoing personal growth.

You want a life coach who will meet you where you are.

Without judgement.

With real life experience and real training.  

Who understands personal transformation.

To see how a good coach can help you reach your goals, reach out to me at

to set up a free no obligation call.