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The Secret To Drinking Less

Do you ever say to yourself  "I just don't understand why I have such willpower in other areas of my life, but I can't seem to control my drinking the way I want to"?

I'm going to explain what's going on and explain how small changes in how you think about drinking can create big changes in how you drink.   The concept I introduce here has absolutely changed my life, so set aside 3 minutes and dig in.

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How To Raise Your Drinking Awareness

The most important skill to change your drinking is simply the skill of paying attention. Of becoming awake to your  thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

Most of us spend much of our life on autopilot, getting through on momentum and inertia, with very little awareness. We fall into our routines and execute them pretty reliably. Hell even our personality is just a deep semi-permanent routine - a set of habitual thoughts and attitudes that run on autopilot.

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The DRINK PLAN – A Powerful Tool For Drinking Less

One of the most powerful tools that I use to help clients quit or reduce drinking is the Drink Plan.

You may have said things before like:
I’m going to start drinking less.
I’m not going to drink on weekdays.

That’s not a plan. 

A proper working drinking plan has these at a minimum these 3 elements.

  • It’s written down.
  • It’s made 24 hours prior to any drinking.
  • It’s precise – it states the times during which drinking will take place, and the exact quantity to be consumed.
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Thinking Man

The One Skill To Break A Drinking Habit

What do you want to stop doing?
    • Drinking when you shouldn't.
    • Drinking more than you want.
    • Staying up too late.
    • Watching too much porn.
    • Not exercising.
    • Procrastinating.
    • Scrolling scrolling scrolling on FB.
    • Being busy without getting important things done.
Why do we do these things, and why is it so hard to stop?

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How To Improve Any Relationship

I’m going to share with you a powerful exercise that you can use to create a huge mental shift around any relationship in your life, with your spouse, a coworker or boss, or a friend.  It’s called ‘Person of Focus’.

I worked through this exercise just the other day, with my wife Monique as the person of focus, and it enabled me to make a total reset on my attitude around some things. We’ve undergone a bunch of transitions in our lives and our relationship over the past few months, involving getting married and moving in together finally after dating for 3 years, and then moving to and adjusting to life in a foreign country.

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Why ‘DO I HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM’ Is The Wrong Question.

Why 'DO I HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM' Is The Wrong Question

For nearly all of my drinking life, starting in college, I would occasionally ask myself whether I ‘had a problem’ with my drinking. There is some history of alcoholism in my family, and I was from the beginning pretty enthusiastic about drinking. I never wanted to go over the edge into being an alcoholic, because then – horrors! - I’d have to consider quitting. It seemed like a sensible and safe thing to do this check-in with myself.

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